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Default Re: Baby Shower HELP!!!

ok lets see here games:
dirty diaper:
different chocolate candy bars smashed and melted in the microwave for about 45 secs. and everyone has to guess what type of candy it is. also the left over diapers go to the mama to be.

guess whats in the gift bag:
get a bunch of little things like balmex, vaseline, baby shampoo, powder, baby qtips etc. put them in a gift bag and blind fold the mama to be. hand her each item and she has to guess what the item is.

present bingo:
bingo cards that everyone has to fill out with diff items like diapers, wipes, bows, onsies, highchair etc. and while she is opening the gifts you just check the gift off she opened and who ever gets a blackout wins!

guess the price:
get a bunch of little things like a bath tub, shampoo, lotion, balmex, onsies, washcloths, diapers, bathtowel and have all the items listed on paper so that when you pull the item out of the bathtub everyone has to guess the price and then at the end of the game who evers grand total is the closest without going over!

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