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Default Re: Baby Shower HELP!!!

ok let's see.
Some food ideas,if you plan on something around lunch time....sub sandwiches, cut up small. My local food4less sells premade ones 6 6" subs for $5. I would cut each one into 4 or 5 pieces. They also sel premade potato salad and macaroni salad. Add some chips, maybe some dip and good to go. Don't forget a cake.

party favors....get some pillow mints or jordan almonds, wrap a few in saran wrap, then cover with a tulle circle, tie with "its a boy or it's a girl" ribbon.

games.....clothespin game mentioned above. the dirty diaper game, make folder daipers out of white napkins and safety pins. in each diaper, put some mustard or spicy mustard (to look like poop) in the diaper before you fold it (might have to layer napkins. leave a few clean. as guests enter and sign the guestbook (or whatever) they take a diaper. During the party they can trade diapers with others if they want. when you say they open diapers, if they got a clean one they win. you have to make sure they cant peek inside though.

baby bingo. get or make a blank bingo card on a sheet of paper, add the free space and make copies of it. think of some typical baby items you would get at gifts. you fill in the squares. you want like 50-60 different items, and then you put them in different orders/spots so you dont have a ton of winners. when mom goes to open presents, players cross off stuff she has gotten on thier cards. easy way to get them to pay attention to gifts lol. first one to get bingo wins or as many winners you want.
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