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Default Re: Baby Shower HELP!!!

I love to plan parties. For games you can find plenty online for free. There is baby bingo, crossword puzzles using baby words, there is the dirty diaper game but with different candy bars melted in them and guests have to guess what kind of candy it is. There are simple games like putting skittles into a baby bottle and they have to guess how many are in there, the person closest to the actual # wins, the clothes pin on a hanger game where the person who can take off the most pins from a hanger with one hand wins, also putting cotton balls in a bowl and having the guests put the bowl over their heads and getting 3 turns to take out cotton balls with a spoon. (the one with the most cotton balls wins)

For food I would keep it simple like veggie tray, fruit tray, some sandwiches maybe, macaroni salad, chips..... of course cake and punch!!!

For deco: you can use baby bottles filled with water and food coloring for color and add a small flower like a short cut daisy.... balloons, streamers, etc.

HTH...... Have fun!!!
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