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Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Could someone help me figure out how the top of this tutu dress is attached?

Our Little Mermaid, Ariel Tutu Dress Disney Costume

I can't figure out how they wrapped the lavendar tulle around the dress and attached it....

I bet you could take a piece of like material (rectangular) that would cover the chest measurement and add snaps to the back of that piece. You could then take strips (like you would for a tutu), that are a bit longer than that piece and lay them on top of one another and sew that on (go around the entire margins of the fabric). If you use a color thread that matches the tulle, then you will not see your stitches, or barely see them anyway. It looks almost like there is a back sash, so the remaining pieces that hang off would tie and cover the snaps. KWIM? Since tulle can be so itchy, you could even line the inside of the dress and attach your tulle skirt and top to the lining. If you do not line the tutu dress (which I know is not typical), then you could just sew the top dress part right below the knots. I think you would have a difficult time sewing the top to the knots, because of thickness. I think it would be difficult to sew through the dots even with using a leather or denim needle. I love that tutu though - you can tell she is very particular about her craft!
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