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Default Re: Will Gripzies support a stacked bow?

If you like the Gripzies, you can get them pretty cheap on the wholesale site.
You can get 1300 of them for $18.99 or 650 for $12.99. I thought about silicone too, but not sure it would look any more professional than what I am already doing. LOL. From what I've seen, it looks like a pretty messy venture. I'm trying to find something that looks better, is reliable, and easy.

Originally Posted by SweetheartsandSprinkles View Post
I think this is a great question. I just bought a couple packs myself - and have compared them to the shelf liner I was using. I think they work very well. I tried a medium korker and a smaller stacked bow and they both did well. I don't make the huge bows so I can't comment on those. What are your thoughts on their price and is there a better price than on TRR? I've also been thinking of trying silicone.
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