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Default Re: How do I attach the bow to a flip flop?

Originally Posted by Dede View Post
Ooooh, I love that look! Monogrammed buttons with bows! Of course, I am slightly biased toward covered buttons in general.

My offer of a free 10-pack of any button I carry in exchange for permission to post your button photo(s) on my website (with a link) is ALWAYS open. Of course, my buttons require a machine and die, but you can claim them later when you buy the equipment.

You can pick up button machines and dies at yard sales, eBay, estate sales, upholstery shop going-out-of-business sales, Craig's List, etc. This is especially true down South, where a lot of upholstery businesses have closed. I know two separate people who unexpectedly just inherited huge boxes of dies, so you never know.

I would be THRILLED to help ANYONE with any button equipment they come across - cleaning it, repairing it, using it, etc. I LOVE COVERED BUTTONS!
Dede as soon as I make some stuff with my buttons I will let you know...I would be thrilled to just see pics of my stuff as samples in your I just need the time to make them..but I am getting close.
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