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Default tutu halter dress help

I am wanting to make my daughter a tutu halter dress using a wide waffle headband. Only trouble is...she's 3 and I've never seen a waffle headband in person. I don't know how far they stretch to know for sure if it will fit her. She is about 21 inches around measured under her arms and she'll be wearing it over a long sleeve leotard. Also, if they do stretch enough to fit her where is the best place to get a mint colored one? Another question...I've only made her one tutu and it turned out a bit curly and scraggly looking. I'm not sure if I didn't cut it short enough or if I didn't use the right tulle. I bought tulle off the bolt at Hobbly Lobby. I'd like the tutu part of it to stick out. What kind of tulle should I use and how do you cut it to look like a pixie cut tutu? Any help would be much appreciated!!!
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