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Default Re: Princess for picture again!

Yep! Its all good though, I am not mad, I know we all lead busy lifes! to be fair, I didnt send to 2 of the ladies yet, after the fair I will be doing that! I wanted to save some for fall

Originally Posted by momof3girls123 View Post
I don't understand this. You sent your own item out to volunteers from the forum; they were to take a picture for you and email it back; they get to keep the item; and they still don't do this? I see this message board as almost a refuge. A place where I can come and talk to friends, get opinions without being judged, ask questions without being laughed at, an all around honest and welcoming place. To think that you got on here and asked for help from fellow members and then you got screwed over by them is just down right pathetic of them! I'm shocked and appalled by this! I for one would like to know who these individuals are so that I don't have any interaction at all with them! I'm really disgusted by this! I just don't understand how people that are supposed to be your support group, and dare I say friends, could do this to you! Sorry to get so angry but I just HATE thieves! And what makes it worse is they were supposed to HELP you and they just used you! UGGHHH! Sorry to hijack the thread and all, I'm done ranting! Have a good day everyone!!!
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