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Default Re: Bowtique Ribbon?????

I just recieved my order from the big sale in august i got almost everything . I contacted her and it took a couple of days but she got back to me yesterday she apologized and said she would send out the missing ribbon she also apologized for the time it took her to answer back she just moved and the internet connection at her place isn't in yet so she has to go to a friends house she will get back to you it may just take a little send her a message through her website seems like she answers those faster. I had a issue with her before too about the long time it took her to send things out but i gave her another chance as i like the designs and haven't found anyone better to buy from . Hope this helps and brings you hope that she's not stiffing you since i got my stuff and i'm in california so if your further out maybe it will be a bit more also canada post doesn't have great tracking it just said it was waiting to recieve pkg the day before i got? Weird
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