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Default fabric and organza "singed" flowers?

A mom at my daughter's school was wearing the cutest flower hair pin the other day. When I asked her where she got it, she said it was an Etsy purchase.

I only got a quick look at it, as the mom was dropping off her daughter and in a hurry, but it looked like the flower was made out of two different fabrics, a silk and an organza. The fabrics were layered one on top of another, and each slightly smaller, and it looked like the edges had been singed slightly, probably to prevent fraying, but it added a pretty touch to the flower. Has anyone seen these or know how to make them? They circles were all slightly cupped upward, giving them and I'm curious how they got them into that shape. It didn't like they were sewn at all, so I'm clueless on how that shape was achieved.

Any help or advice on how to make these would be much appreciated! My best friend is getting married, and I want to make her one in light cream to match her dress.
Thanks so much!
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