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Default Re: Will metallic ribbon kork?

If you have pics of the silver that would be great. I really try to take pics of everything, but that doesn't always happen. I like to make all different kinds of things too and sometimes I forget how I made one. This can be bad! For my same order with these korkers, I need to recreate a couple of bows that I did not take pictures of and of course I don't have any more of them. Gonna have to put on the thinking cap to remember. LOL
Originally Posted by kglee View Post
I don't I am sooooo bad about not taking pics of rushed orders....they were needed for homecoming last week! Sorry! I do have pics of the ones from last night with the metallic silver in them though....I can post a pic of those here in a bit if ya want me too?? I usually don't starch until after I bake either but on the metallic I went ahead and starched before I baked, starched again right after they were done (while they were cooling), and then again after I finished putting them together I asked my lil sister if she saw any of the black/gold korkers at their homecoming and she told me she did and that they all still looked great! I was glad to hear that
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