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Default Re: tutu bowholder question..i've searched for days on here, going through 100s of pa

I used plain old hot glue. I take my tulle strip and fold it end to end. At the fold part, acordian fold that from side to side...Put the hot glue on the bodice and put the tulle on that...(It WILL soak through and get your fingers lol, I set it on and when it's a tad cooler, push down to avoid burns.)

WHen you do that all the way across with the tulle, add your long strands of ribbon that hold the clippies and bows. Then, take ribbon and glue it on top of where you glued your tulle and ribbon ends. Make sure to wrap the ribbons around the sides of the bodice for extra support. Then, adorn with bows/flowers etc.

I hope that helps. I used those free instructions as a guide, but made it work for me

(Now, keep in mind that this pic is's one of the first ones I did for DD, so the bows are kind of crappy!)

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