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Default Re: Brillant bow maker or no bow no go... ????

Originally Posted by saldwal View Post
ok, i am really behind here, help. is no bow no go just an instruction book or is it a "tool"? what do they mean by "template"? i make a good basic hair bow and am ready for the next step but honestly i am so stupid when it comes to following directions about these things. i feel like i am back in junior high math class - i start to glaze over and drool. so when you say this is really easy, after what i have just told you, how easy? sally
The NBNG system is a set of plastic templates (around which you wrap the ribbon to make different bows). You also get a very comprehensive instruction manual (either ebook or printed book) that takes you step by step through the process (i.e. how to wrap the ribbon for different bows, what length to use for different sizes, what size ribbon works best for different size bows, how to sew the center to make perfect creases, etc.) I seriously couldn't make a decent bow without these, and now I sell my items through a local store. Trust me (and all the others who use this system), you'll love them!
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