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Default Re: Brillant bow maker or no bow no go... ????

Originally Posted by saldwal View Post
ok, i am really behind here, help. is no bow no go just an instruction book or is it a "tool"? what do they mean by "template"? i make a good basic hair bow and am ready for the next step but honestly i am so stupid when it comes to following directions about these things. i feel like i am back in junior high math class - i start to glaze over and drool. so when you say this is really easy, after what i have just told you, how easy? sally
YOU CAN DO IT!! I think in a couple years my 1 1/2 year old can do it lol.
It is so easy to follow and the templates are a tool- a very very good one! The twisted still take some effort and practice but every other kind of bow is pretty much perfect the 1st time.
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