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Default Re: Bowtique Ribbon?????

Originally Posted by maeve View Post
Ok, first off i would never jump down anybodys throat because they have an opinion! I posted in the other thread that was started about Bowtique ribbon and i voiced my opinion.

This thread was started by Tamara who was worried because she hadn't gotten her ribbon yet. I was simply pointing out that it took a while for my ribbon to get here but i got it. I wasn't involved in this forum when Glenna was and i don't know what happened and who it happened to. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. It was pointed out to me that she was offering free shipping and when deals like that come up i can't afford not to take them so i said i'd try her. I'm in Ireland and shipping to me is astronomical. I would LOVE to have the luxury of picking and choosing who i order from but i DON'T. I haven't had any bad experiences with her. I can only speak from my own experience. I can't speak for anyone else.

I really hope you get your ribbon Tamara. If it was sent surface it takes quite a while. If you feel that it's been too long then go with your gut. That's all i can say.

I just hate drama and i'm sorry i said anything on this subject but i have to stick up for myself..........
Sorry, Maeve. None of my comments were directed at you. I was just sharing what I knew, the same as you are. I just think people should know the facts, and then each person can choose whether or not they wish to purchase.
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