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Originally Posted by banglesnbows View Post
I went to and ordered the DVD boxes in small (FREE!!!!) along with some priority mail stickers. They have a ton of choices. I simply stick my bows on my bow card and wrap in tissue paper. You can fit a few into each box. For a larger order I sent to Italy I actual put two bows in a ziploc with some air in them and then packaged from there. They arrived in perfect condition. But, if you're baking and starching your bows I wouldn't worry too much about smooshing. They should bounce right back. HTH
I went to usps too and got all different sizes of boxes for free It is awesome to have them already at your house and be able to pack them right then & there! The other day I had a pretty big order & did the ziploc bag with air inside to prevent them from getting smooshed!! It also helps against rain and it has been doing a lot of that around here!
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