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I actually came up with an idea and the guy at Lowes came up with a better one. I went looking for a big piece of the peg board but the make it in already cut pieces 4ft by 2 or 3. I wanted to make it shape into a triangle and use brackets. He came up with Zip ties. That way If I needed to I could get the boards apart. It worked PERFECT. Then a friend of mine suggested using one of the corners as a rod holder for the headbands. I had read somewhere about someone using full paper towels and then they wrapped them in fabric. So I took a dowel stuck it through a hole, through the paper towles and another hole. Then I wrapped it in fabric and stuck my headbands on. I only had enough to try one but you could put like 4-5 down that one end for all my headbands. Woo hoo!!! and it was less than $20.
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