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Try to follow me. I have a display up at a private school. Go to the building section in Lowes where they have pre-cut pieces of wood and get that particle board thin wood with all the holes in it. Then go to the area where they have all the garage organization doo-dads and you get the hooks for the boards there. I just got the single hooks, because my headband holders and bow cards only have one hole. But you can customize to what you need. I covered the board in a piece of black fabric (cheap fabric) and then planned where I needed each bracket to go and used my scissors tip to poke a hole in the fabric to slip the bracket into. I then went to Micheals with a coupon and picked up a metal black frame (I had to cut the board to fit the 24x36 frame, one cut really easy) and framed the whole this. You can slip some framing wire through the board, NOT THE FRAME it's too heavy, and hang. Or come up with a creative way to eisel it. I got my headband cards from as well as the headband supplies, and I actually use vista print for my bow cards. I use the post cards, both vertical and horizontal. They have a nice glossy finish. I creat my bow card in photoshop, I even pre-mark with a little asterix where I will punch my hole, upload to vista print and I can get 100 cards or so for about $20. Look online for a coupon. Works great. The vertical ones are for two bows and the horiz. are for one bow. I do the same for my earrings just on vertical business cards. Really inexpensive. HTH Let me know if you need any other clarification.
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