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Default Re: Bowtique Ribbon?????

Originally Posted by beansnana View Post
I just got my box of ribbons from her. I can tell you that this box, if it were a passport, would have many, many stamps on it. It left Canada and went to the UK and then to me. Maeve, I wonder if the postal service thought I was you. LOL Like I have said before, I have dealt with her since she started selling ribbons and have never, ever had a problem. I also know there are a lot of naysayers here on this forum and lots of yahoo groups as well, but honestly, if you were not involved in any of this, you really have no reason to naysay. Just my opinion on it. However, there are a few people on this forum that I know for a fact have ripped people off and you still do business with her. She is trying to make honest, but only time will tell if she stays that way, and she knows who she is too.
I won't do business with her because of the way she acted on these forums. I have been a member for a long time (under another username that I had the account deleted). The way she treated people was VERY unprofessional. Just because she hasn't ripped me off personally doesn't have anything to do with it. She has ripped off a lot of people and has never repayed them. PERIOD. If you feel fine supporting that kind of person, then that is your decision.
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