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Default Re: Hi Ladies, Has anybody here made...

Originally Posted by sxybunnyg View Post
Yeah $28 that's why I wanted to try making my own, I really like them and want a few for my daughter.
Where do you buy beads? I bought some at michaels but I'm sure I can find them cheaper, also do u use letter beads? If so what kind u use? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just starting on this.
Ask as many questions as you'd like. I get my beads from a wholesale site called You have to have a tax ID# to purchase from them, though, which you probably have. I use mostly Swarovski crystals and 4mm and 6mm round sterling silver beads in my jewelry. I also use for a few findings and packaging...dirt cheap. Timewell sells their 4.5mm sterling silver letter beads for .90 a piece. My local bead shop sells them for $2.85 a piece...Yikes! You can buy the pewter letter beads, which are really cute for kids (and adults), for .64 a piece: For the little girl version of this headband I see people use cat's eye beads and they are pretty inexpensive.

I hope this helps.
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