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Default Re: Weird Cheer Bow Question

The cheer bows I make with sequined fabric or even shimmery fabric tend to be a little on the stiff side. I use the same instructions albeit modified as well. But any team I have ever dealt with tends to prefer them that way. They are more sturdy.

When layering, I use E6000 between the layers. I only use heat n bond to bond fabric to ribbon. That may help with some of your stiffness if you can stand the stink.

When using heat n bond, I use the lite. I iron it lightly on to the grosgrain (just enough so it sticks to the ribbon) and then iron it again on to the fabric (about the same). I do not pass the iron over it for a prolonged period of time. Could you perhaps be ironing the heat n bond too much? That can tend to make it as stiff as cardboard. I don't think I have ever had the problem of bent needles.

When assembling the bow with a needle and thread, I use a thicker needle and embroidery thread. That makes it easier for me and also the thread is more secure.

HTH and good luck. Let me know how it turns out.


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