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Cool Weird Cheer Bow Question

Are they supposed to be so darn stiff??

I made the cheer bows using No Bow No Go's instructions... ok.. you know I modified a bit to use the materials I had on hand, after all I'm only doing a sample for someone who wants to see what I can do.

At any rate....

I used the "shimmery fabric adhered to a grosgrain ribbon, so that its shimmery fabric the width of the ribbon... then I adhered smaller grosgrain on top of that... smaller grosgrain on top of that...

That puppy is so stiff, I bent my needles trying to sew it so I had to use an.... alternate method LOL.

I am I going to look foolish showing up with a sample that stiff? Are they supposed to be more flowing on the tails or is it different when its a competition bow... and if they are supposed to be "flowing", how can I get mine back in that condition LOL.

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