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Default Re: Using different materials for headbands?

Originally Posted by beansnana View Post
I do not know what size headbands you are making her, but have you tried the 3/8 or 1/2 in headbands on her? They seem to fit the little heads a whole lot better than the 1 in ones do. My youngest granddaughter is almost 6 but very small in stature, and the 1/2 in ones do not seem to hurt her like the 1 in ones do, nor do they slip off. The plastic canvas might be a good alternative for you as well, and really is fairly cheap.
I've tried the ones on here and they are great. It's not that it hurts her or they don't fit it's that if they aren't tight on her noggin she pulls it off. I like the floppy with elastic b/c she forgets they are in her hair and leaves them in

Originally Posted by clg0513 View Post
similar to the foam I used the thicker crafting interfacing found in the fabric section and it worked pretty well as I have one that complains about headbands as well.
I'll have to check out the interfacing stuff. Do you use a template for the shape or do you cut each piece individually? That's what i find annoying about it!
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