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Smile Re: cutting felt or fabric w/ cuttlebug

wow, you guys are great! it looks like i will check into the sizzix before i buy the cuttlebug. i was interested in the cuttlebug because of the price i must admit. i broke down and bought an embroidery sewing machine about 3 mos ago so another investment, even $150.00 is not really enticing. i dont know what the flower cartridges are called but i saw maybe 3 of them at micheals for 15.00 and several more for a lot less on line. several people on etsy sell the cartridges. i also found someone on etsy willing to sell me cut flowers out of felt for a great price which i may start with - at least until i purchase one of the machines and get the bugs worked out. i HATE reading directions! thanks again for your input! Sally
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