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Default Re: help with headbands..

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
ok, to start I use Sealah double sided tape around the inside of the headband. i also use a little to hold it on the outside where needed. Then I continue to wrap the ribbon around and when I get to the end I again use sealah where I need to hold the ribbon while I adjust and then when I have it where i want it, I heat seal the end and use e6000 on the open ends. I use a safety pin to get the glue in where I need it. I then squeeze out the excess glue and clamp both ends with alligator clips. I have tried to take pics of the steps but I realize it might not translate how i am thinking it will. Please pm me with any questions. I will be happy to help.

WOW!! Thanks that was a great and easy to understand tut.
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