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Default Re: Custom Order Help ASAP PPPPlease

Originally Posted by babyeliza View Post
I use three strips of tulle per knot and it ends up being opaque enough that you shouldn't need to line it with anything. Post pics when you're done - I would love to see how they come out!

Thanks for the tips!! I am thinking that I may go ahead and tie customer said either way is great with her so I am leaning towards using knots I will definately have to post some pics, considering they don't look horrible lol!

I finally got a new camera....long story short....after my first show on July 4th was over (stayed at my M-I-L's house, same town as show) she used my camera at the park the next day and I didn't realize I didn't get it back until I got back home and ready to upload the pics to my computer. Needless to say, I will never have pics from my very first show .....she finally confessed she left it at the park that day and she went back and looked everywhere and never found it I was even more sad because my dd's 5th bday pics were still on there too and I hadn't uploaded those yet either but my mom had taken a couple so that made me feel a tiny bit better.
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