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Wink Re: How to make an instruction?

I just wrote my first ebook and ran into several problems, so maybe this will help you avoid some of my issues:

Write it in Word, and make sure you down-size your pictures. You can do this with a free software (made by Google) called Picasa (go to to download).

Then I used a website to convert my word doc into pdf format. It is a free service as download your document to their site, they convert it, send you an email with a link, follow the link and download the new pdf file onto your computer. You may also want to compress this file or put it in a zip file to make it small enough to send through email.

Most email attachments only allow 10 MB so make sure that your file is smaller than that before you attach it. (At first, mine was over 20 MB because I hadn't compressed all my pictures!)

Then you're done! Good luck! I hope this helps...maybe I should write instructions on how to write instructions?
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