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Default Custom Order Help ASAP PPPPlease

I got an order for 2 tutu dresses. All of these look softter than a normal it or does it just look that way because it is longer?? Who is the best supplier to use for tulle for these types of tutus? I have searched & searched and am needing to get to work on these and need to order a couple of colors I am out of and want to make sure it is the right type of tulle

I am making the halter dress tutus like these....****just for an example of type...not my pics****
Are these better to do with the softer tulle or just the regular? I usually order my tulle from UB....would theirs work fair, ok or great? I was planning on sewing these.... any of you that make these line the under side with some kind of material or just do them like the normal tutus?? If I do line there anyone that knows where I could find a tut or instructions? I am just all searched out on this subject and can't come up with any new search results to answer any of this. Thanks so much in advance!!!! I just don't want to waste any money using wrong tulle Greatly Appreciate any help!
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