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Default Re: Double-stick tape love/hate relationship! Mini rant

On my stacked bow, it is the top that is totally lifting! I've been lining the whole clip with the tape except for the piece that wraps around the back. I still hot glue in the spring piece (the pinch) and then the piece that wraps around the back to finish it off. I definitely didn't trust the tape on those parts. But good grief if I have to spend all this time getting the tape ready (rubbing and rubbing) and then still have to do all this gluing! Urghh!

How long have you been using the tape? Is it actual Sealah and have you had any problems?

Originally Posted by Pabloswhim View Post
I only use a piece of it for the top and I use hot glue on the other surfaces including gluing the "sides" to secure the whole thing but keep the top "smooth" looking.
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