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Default Re: How many of you use templates vs. freehand?

Originally Posted by FirstTimeNana View Post
I am a relative newbie, so could someone please tell me what all your abbreviations mean that every one is talking about? Thanks so much for the help!!!
I used to freehand and ALWAYS had on loop that was funny I bought the Ribbon Retreat bowmaker and it just got in my way and I still did not seem to get a consistant size. So I broke down and got the TNT( Top Notch Templates) . So far I really like them, for some reason it call for a certain amount of ribbon for a certain size and mine always come out smaller??? I don't know why, guess I need to keep playing! All in in I would recommed them they are very good instructions I like very step by step instruction!

NBNG (nobownogo)
TNT (top notch templates)
RR (ribbon retreat)

Hope this helps!
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