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Default Re: Update on DesignsByCristi

Wow, even the hubby approves......what a nice compliment You ladies can order whatever you need at any time. Just realize I am running behind. That's why I said lead time will probably be about a week from here on. This season is so busy! Business is so strange, I won't get any orders for 3 or 4 days and then bam I have like 10 all in one day. LOL hubby says you ladies are having conversations that go something like this "OMG I gotta order some painted caps for that show I have coming up...........OMG me 2...............OMG me 3" and then you all message at the same time lol. He's makes me laugh! I told him he better watch out he's gonna find himself painting caps very SOON. LOL already have the kids removing liners from the caps! Ok ok, off to start my next batch! Just thought I would share a little humor this morning! Thank goodness my next batch of 11,000 caps should be here any hour now!

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Cristi....I am in the same spot...things happen, and we all understand..I am gonna get an order in as soon as you get some rest...I dont want to put too much on you!!! Catch up, rest..take a breath...then pm me when you are well rested!!! My hubby seen your painted caps...compared them to a silver cap, and SAID TO ORDER!! That never happens!! LOL!!!
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