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Default Update on DesignsByCristi

Hi ladies, just wanted to touch base with everyone. My wholesale bottle cap offer went better than expected. However, I am running behind schedule as many of you ladies know. I have literally been up for 36 hours straight at this point filling orders. I have contacted most of you already! I am sorry for any delays. I am only one person and can only do so much. It takes a long time to get your ladies caps ready for painting (removing liners, painting, flattening, drilling, washing, etc). I then have to allow time for the caps to dry. I am also much of the time making custom images for you ladies, running around getting supplies that I need, printing the images, sealing them, running them through the xyron, etc etc etc. I am by no means complaining because I am very grateful to you ladies that you took time and money to help me raise money to get a family member out of a bad situation. I just feel really bad that I am running just a few days behind on some orders. I have learned a lot through this process as far as making sure to give myself enough time in my "will ship" date that I set up from now on. As with all businesses, it's always a learning process I have definately learned from this last week!

Also, I want to let you ladies that need painted caps know that you need to get your orders in as soon as possible. Even though I am running behind schedule, it is Prime craft show season and if you don't give me plenty of time (lets say a week to be safe at this point), to SHIP (not to be in your hands but to ship) your caps to you then you are going to run the risk that I won't be able to have them ready for you. Please allow me enough time so that I don't run late on orders. I really take pride in having excellent customer service, shipping when promised and keeping on top of things. It bothers me tremendously when I run behind because I absolutely hate making anyone wait - especially when I know many of you have craft shows coming up!

I thank everyone for your patience, kindness, compassion and understanding. As I said before, this is a wonderful group and I am honored to be here! If you have any questions and my PM box is full, as always feel free to message me at [email protected] Please just put your HG username in the subject line. So, if I were messaging myself, the subject would say "Designsbycristi from HG".

Have a blessed night,

Painted Bottle Caps, Images and Completed Caps
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