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Default Re: How to make this paper wreath

I'm probably wrong but here is how I would try to do it. Cut a circle out of cardboard, trace a smaller circle in the center(I would use a compass and a ruler to make sure that I'm in the exact middle and to make sure my circle is correct). Roll a page and staple it to the outer edge of the cardboard circle and continue until you're all the way around. Then do another layer inside of that one and so on until you reach the circle that you traced into the center. The center has me stumped also, but I would use a loose rope trim for the outer part and print the image on felt or a thick material for the inner to be placed after the trim is set in place. Since the trim is kind of bulky and for the image not to look lowered in the center, I would cut a circle the size of the inner part out of either cardboard or poster board and then glue the fabric of choice to the back and then attach it to the center. HTH
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