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Default Re: Speaking of overcharging . . .

Originally Posted by bows4mgirls View Post
Ok maybe I'm the only one here that will say this but I say good for her. If she has the market and people are paying then Cheers! Its a business and she is in this to make money. There is a market for every price range and she probably has her own that can afford what she charges.

The flip side is too many "undercharge" and are not covering site fees, payapl fees, shipping expenses, labor, etc. I see so often on sites like Etsy/Ebay cheap cheap prices and wonder how the heck its even worth it. $1.00 or $2.00 for a bow and statements that read: "I don't overcharge because I love what I do and want your daughter to wear pretty things" I think ..what?? give me a break... its a business and I for one am not working to keep money in other people's pockets, I need money in my own pocket. If I wanted just to give other mom's a break and not make money at this I would just make it a hobby.
I know this isn't a new post, but I have to say AMEN! I'm just starting out but I would love to get my products into some of the resale and thrift stores around here. I have gone in and taken a look at the bows but for what the store is charging ($2 for a 4" boutique), how on earth would any consignor make money? I think there are way too many people that undercharge, at least around here. I'm not saying that I am going to overcharge, but I at least want to make my cost, time, and effort from a sale. I charge $4 for a 4" boutique and you can add a resin for $2 or a bottlecap for $1, is that too much to ask for something I made with my own hands?
But still on the other side of the argument, I would NEVER charge $16 for an FOE headband with a $1.00 fake flower on it! lol
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