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Default Need help with a wall peg

I know this is a ribbon forum but I figure you ladies are plenty creative to give me a few ideas on my troublesome wall peg. I had a lady on eBay make some 8X10 size letters spelling out my daughters name. The are beautiful and are custom matched to my daughters bedding. I also asked her to paint two of these wall pegs for me which she agreed to do but has never sent. The good news is, she never cashed my check for the wall pegs, but the bad news is, I have no painting skills. So, I decided I would keep it simple and paint a yellow center and yellow peg and the petals would all be orange. It was a great plan until I realized that the peg is not centered. The photo below was taken looking directly down on the peg so you can see it was purposely put off center. So what do I do?

1. a yellow circle in the center, orange petals and make the peg white?
2. a yellow circle in the center, orange petals and an orange peg?
3. a better idea from one of you!

BTW, they have a whole bunch of different wall pegs at Michael's and they are only $1. My son has some (made by a different eBayer) and they are a great way to keep PJs and jackets off the floor!
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