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Default Re: How to paint on glass??

Originally Posted by kittycow2 View Post
Bowsarama....I have bought some stuff from Qvc(when she was on there), some stuff from HSN, and a lot of my stuff from ebay. They have good deals on there. I have painted one bow holder myself but hoping to paint some more. I have mainly painted on glass and my mailbox. My mailbox is a sunset with black palmtrees. I am the only one around here that has one like it. When people try to find my house, I tell them to look for the orange mailbox.

Princess Babies Bowtique.....I LOVE Donna dewberry too!! Do you have pics of some stuff that you have painted? I don't know how to post pics on here yet. I would love to see what you have painted. I don't paint too much now since making bows, but I like to pull my videos out and just watch her paint. I also love watching on HSN.

to post pics...when you hit the reply button, be sure to scroll ALL the way down the page. You'll see a section for "Additional Options." In that section is an area for attaching files. Click the manage attachment button and follow the rest of the instructions.

I'll have to take some pics...most of the things I have done I give away as gifts. But I'm sure I have something around here somewhere! I did some Christmas things as well, but those are packed up. I'd love to see yours! There are just too many crafts I like to do and not enough time, space or money, lol!

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