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Default It's too bad....

That i didn't find this site 1.5 years ago!!!!

When i first started making things for my daughter i did sooooooo much internet searching and figuring things out on my own. while i know it was good i did that, but this site would have saved me a heck of a lot of time! but then again, i'm spending so much time on this site too, lol.

but it's been good knowing that some of the places i found on my own, are actually places you all use so i don't feel like i was ripped off too much!

thanks so much for all the help, advice, tips, recommendations, etc. it's been great and i enjoy reading it all and seeing all your beautiful creations.

I'm not as big of a bow person, i do more appliques and rhinestones, so i would NOT consider myself a bow connoisseur like many of you ladies.

(here's my website if you would like to see what i do.

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