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Default Re: How Tonya attaches bottlecaps... :)

Originally Posted by hanjaysmom View Post
Hi Tonya,
do u have a template u use to print your designs on?? i've seen where some other forums have a premade circular template that fits like 48 images per page. i have a hard time getting my px to the correct size,, and some that i get from yahoo & google images get all pixaly there something i am doing wrong?? do i need to change something before I print??
what type of adhesive do u use to glue your images to the bottle caps and do u use an adhesive on top of them before u pour on your envirotex lite??? has anyone ever use diamond glaze??
all of your instructions are so wonderfullllllllllllll!!!! u do such an awesome job....thanks for all of your hard work..
Hi there, I don't use a template - I just make the graphics in my graphic program and copy them into Word since it has the handy-dandy rulers along the edges so I can estimate if I have them sized right. I think it's easier to instantly resize in Word. Usually images will only get 'pixely' if you are doing a drastic reduction, or if they were smaller to begin with than what you needed. This can also be affected by how many pixels per inch you have set for your graphic program. I'm weird and mainly do all the graphic stuff by 'eyeballing' it. Not very accurate, but it works for me.

I've been using a double sided adhesive sheet I found at the scrapbooking store to put the pics on the (cleaned) caps - just use my 1" hole punch to cut round pieces of it. Then I stick it on the pic and then stick my newly made sticker on the cap. No adhesive needed before the Envirotex Lite - it's like a pourable varnish.

Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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