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Default Re: How to paint on glass??

Pretty much the same way - a girl in my neighborhood was making them and she had really good prices but then she put her stuff in a boutique and because she was having to pay a rental fee she had everyone start buying from there. Didn't really make much since to me but oh well so I began making them myself. I do sell them just in my local area -- Haven't really thought of a website yet -- maybe one day -- do you have a website?? Where do you sell yours at??

I don't paint much but I was watching TV the other day and I saw Donna Dewberry and I wanted to order her stuff soooooooooooooo bad but just didn't have the money so I couldn't I found some of her stuff on ebay so I might try that -- Where do you get your material from??

I have painted a hairbow holder but only one - how about you?? I would love to see pictures of your talent!! What all do you paint?? Sorry I am so full of questions too.
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