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Default Re: I love these, wonder how they are made!

Very simple to do. Use a snap clip and these have 4 small satin ribbons. Stack all ribbon together and place a small drop of adhesive in the middle to hold them together. then start at the narrow end of the clip and glue to the back/inside of the clip. When it is dry, braid the ribbons, weaving in and out through the center (the same as the braided barettes in the 80s!) until you get to the end. If you are going to use something large to cover the end, you can glue the ends of the ribbons to the top, or for a clean finish, glue on the inside of the clip. Glue or sew on your embellishment or bow, and voila! You are done!!

BTW, I still love the braided barettes from the 80s and have a black one and a brown one that I love to wear, complete with tails!! It makes me feel like when i was a little girl and wore them! With my dark hair you can't see them, but I know they are there!!

Good luck, and post some pics if you make some!
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