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Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
Thanks girls. It's indeed my bow LOL. If many of you are interested I may make a tut about the butterfly and post it in my blog but I'll have to wait until this wedding season is over. I am drown under bouquet orders now.
My SUPER BIG MISTAKE! Sorry Lynn...didn't mean to imply anything by the comment. That is how meant your design. It is just different, apologies.

Originally Posted by pretty_in_bows_bowtique View Post
uhh....i think i found it on the hipgirl website where you can order ribbon and stuff...let me find the link...and no need to be mean about it
And I wasn't being mean, I was just an observation and my opinion... I was wrong about who made the bow however. Lynn can tell you herself, I HAVE ALWAYS ADMIRED HER WORK and have told her so a gazillion times. I am the least mean person on this board. We all have opinions, I made mine.

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