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Default Re: What is this called?

Have you thought about using the Iron-on vinyl to the sequined fabric then cut with a rotary cutter in strips? Then you could fill in with some plain grosgrain? It will keep it from being so stiff and give it some dimension.

Originally Posted by HHBows View Post
Hi! Can someone please tell me what this is called? It wouldn't be a pony-o streamer...what is it? I have a cheer order that wants hot pink metallic ribbon in it. They have the fuschia sequin in their uniforms, so I thought about just fusing the fabric to ribbon and tying it around, but am not sure if it would get too stiff. Any ideas?

Also, do you know how long the spikes or whatever you call them are? I don't even know how long of a piece of ribbon to cut.


(I can't figure out how to post the pic, but it is ribbon knotted around a pony-o. They are not streamers, but shorter pieces to make it look spikey.)
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