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Default Re: Suggestions Please

I am too late to comment on the types of bows I would offer. I guess it has to do with geographic location, but our high school cheer squads will not wear korkers. The younger girls normally wear those.

Our girls prefer cheer bows with tails. I would make all straight cheer bows. I would make a one color 2 1/4" cheer bow. Then I would do a color combo with just plain grosgrain. I would do a sequined one and then maybe a polka dot one as well.

Sorry to be late, but just my thoughts.

Originally Posted by SweetTexasBazaar View Post
I was approached by a lady who would like me to do several designs to show a local high school cheer squad. Apparently they had been paying $25 a bow and wanted to go with a new bowmaker this year. I wanted to give her about 4 samples of bows for the girls to choose from.

So, my question would be:

What 4 types of bows would you show?

I need to do them tonight, and any suggestion is much appreciated!

Thank you!
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