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Originally Posted by myvldzangels53 View Post
Ok I can see it. It is cute too but I like the first froggie more. The second does look easier...I already made the first one. Pretty easy to figure out. Starts out just like the penguin. I need to run and get little eyes and red ribbon for the smile...then it will all completed. My first clippie...I usually just do bows...I think I found a new husband says Im married to my pc and my ribbon. Clippies are so lil girl gets thrilled with them...shes an animal lover...Thanks everyone..

Oh any ideas on a turtle clippie? Send my way please...thanks
yay for ya!.. =) Post pics when you're done...

As for founding new wouldn't be surprise if you finding/acquire more n more new loves in this forum...

As for turtle...couldn't recall but I could've sworn I saw turtle somewhere here too...

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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