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Question Bow Center Advice

I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks...

I love all of the cute bow centers (polymer, resins, etc...).

And I've noticed that customers prefer to purchase bows with the centers (especially gymboree bows).

My question is this...

I don't like to overcharge for bows because I think that everyone should be able to afford them.
When I purchase a center to go on the bow...the cheapest polymer center I've found is $1.50-$2.00 each (plus shipping).

So if I'm making a bow that I charge $3.00 for...I will need to bump the price up to $5.00 at least (and that doesn't even cover the shipping that I paid on the centers or give me any profit off of it).

If I were a potential customer....I'm not sure I'd want to pay over $5.00 for a single bow or over $10 for a set (were talking about $3.00 medium bows--not even talking about the big stacked or layered ones).

So....what do you think? Most of the moms with Gymboree prefer centers over bottlecaps because they look much better.

But usually when you quote a price with a center scares them away. (I know...if they want the center...they should be willing to pay extra...but most don't)

I'm no where NEAR talented or patient enough to try to make them myself.

How do you justify the price of the centers? Usually...the centers cost more than some of my bow prices without them!

Thanks for listening and for any advice
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