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Default Re: How I do Silicone Alli No Slips

Originally Posted by AnnetteNikole View Post
What are you using? I have no clue about the stuff for fish tanks... but I use clear silicone caulk (you can get all sorts of varieties... I use a GE brand) It's been super humid here and I've had no problems. Go to the hardware store and ask about it... if some caulk has a hard time curing in your climate someone there could point you to something that would work. Or try a de-humidifier in the room while it's curing.
Actually the GE brand has been the worse culprit! I've tried all brands of slicone caulk I could get my hands on and I've tried the aquarium sealer without any luck. GE was actually the worse of them all though, I let the clips cure for three days, thought it was good put them on my bow cards and the stuck! I had to pry them off and that ripped my bow cards and ruined them.
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