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LOL i wish it was easy to do that, my DD HATES the camera i have to follow her around all day and take pictures and i might get a few good ones that i can use. I actually do have someone who is going to model these for me i just need this as a filler while i wait, you can see how it worked out if you want to check out my website!

Originally Posted by AnnetteNikole View Post
3 is very cute... I would've said 1 and 3 or just 1. But just a tip for future pics... try to get the background as neutral as possible... so you want to see only trees, or something not busy. Your photos will look more professional if there is a simple non-distracting bg. Also, the bubble container (I think that's what it is) is very distracting... your eye naturally falls on that, not the product you are selling. So you want the eye to go directly to your product, not to something else... it'll be less likely that a person browsing will stop for a second look.
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