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Default Re: Making your own 'catalog'

I am just doing the product, My daughter wont sit still for pics which bugs me cause she is so beautiful, but anyway I just have the bow and then under it in the description the measurements

Originally Posted by SweetTexasBazaar View Post
I was so glad to see this post! That is what I am working on right now.
Do you use models for your photos? Or do you just take pictures of your product?

I have to get a little booklet together for a friend who wants to take around what I do because her friends are interested. The photo album thing sounds good for say at a show, but I would need something smaller and reproduceable for customers....

I'm working on it, would love to see the work of others!

I was thinking of company logo, on front with a couple of pictures that contain more than just one item, like a stack of headbands etc.

Then in the pages in the middle the types I have with a blurb below about how many colors to pick, and price

Then on the back color chart with what I have avail. and put a order form in it for the customer.

But.. like I said still working
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