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Default Re: Suggestions Please

Originally Posted by LoveMeBabyBoutique View Post
I would take a cheer bow(single tails down with the sequined fabric stuff), a double tails down bow, a korker, and a pony O streamer in the school colors. Wow $25 a BOW!?!? I need to get some cheer bows made LOL
i would take the really depends on the cheer coach and what they do. My BFF girls are both high school cheerleaders and they are VERY picky about the uniform of their bows! I mean the girls get demerits of they dont have the right bow! CRAZY! I would just go with different styles and i am sure they will let you know exactly with they are looking for. The girls here were paying $9.00 a bow just for a plain white tails down bow, however it was quite large(lots of ribbon). I am telling you girl that cheer market is where it is at so... GO GET'EM!!! Let us know how it turns out!!

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