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Default Re: How Tonya attaches bottlecaps... :)

I just saw 12 page pebbles for $3.99 (also has 6 huge ones in the package) at JoAnn's this morning! They're with the scrapping stickers, at the bottom and are the JoAnn's Scrap Essentials brand. Our Wal-Mart has the EK Success ones now too - those are what I have and they just wouldn't stick for me, much to my disappointment. I really liked how they looked too.

I got the Envirotex Lite when Hobby Lobby had a 40% off coupon on their internet site a week or two ago. The package was originally something like $24.99, so that helped a lot. It should take me a loooong time to go through that much resin, but that stuff can make your buying total skyrocket pretty fast.
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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